The Idea Behind the Journey

Each of us are born into this world as someone, but we spend the rest of our lives trying to figure out who- Unknown


How The Idea Was Born After realizing that there was so much more to life, it was decided that it was time for something different, something monumental, something that could change the lives of others. The decision was made to travel the world reaching out to others to hear about and film their lives, their passions, their struggles in the rawest, realist form- from their own heart

[i'll see you soon]
[i’ll see you soon] (Photo credit: Hammonton Photography)

Why The Infinite Journey serves as a connection between my life and yours- a showcase not to display how others live, but rather to show what we learned about other people’s lives. This journey becomes less of who you and I are and more about who we are. Life is all around us.

This documentary and video journey takes you to places you have never been before, to people you may know and others you will never be able to forget.

The Infinite Journey is inside all of us and proves that there is still beauty in this world.


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