Erryting Irie!

Walk abouts in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica



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We’re about to cross the border between Casta Rica and Panama!

This river separates both countries

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Decided to take a weekend trip to Panama for Carnival

She tattooed all the places she has been to on her back






This guy was just hanging out
Cocles beach is famous for it’s surfing

Every weekend, local vendors are out selling handmade everything



These are all hand made faces from dried coconuts. Talk about having a laugh!

DSC09989 DSC09990 DSC09993 DSC09994 DSC09999

Decorative pipes
Everything irie






Oooops, watch your step, there is a horse next to you.”…..

The area where we are staying has a lot of animals and it wouldnt be fair to not have a post about them also 🙂

Palomo- This is the largest animal on the farm. At about 12 hands, he is a small horse with a BIG personality! Each morning he follows us around the farm waiting to be given carrots or bananas. He is so sweet but has no boundaries. He will stick his head right into the from of the cafe and wait there until he is fed. The other day he came up to Tasha and was licking her arm, for about 10 minutes while she sat reading.


Sofia- The only cat on the farm. She is such a sweetheart and loves to be loved on. She sits outside of the casita (“little house” we are staying in) and meows until we come out in the morning. She likes tuna fish juice and papaya pieces in the morning


Yolanda and Rosana- the dirtiest animals on the farm. I am not sure who is who but they are both very noisy in the morning but extremely friendly. They let me pet them and will poke me from time to time with their noses.


Kendell- Kendell has the prettiest eyes of any dog that I have ever seen. She has such a sweet face and has so much energy. She loves attention and is the first one in line to eat. She rolls on her back and waits for her belly to be rubbed and will lick your face if you stop before she is ready for you to. However, Palomo is her arch enemy and she (tries) to chase him around the field.

IMG_9912  IMG_9901

Mascot- I should note here that before I learned the names of the animals, Tasha and I just named them ourselves. Our host family was in another town getting more fruits and veggies when we first met Mascot and we didn’t know what his name was. But he followed us around all day and is so sweet. He has “sad puppy dog eyes” and has great manners! He waits his turn for everything and just lays near us all the time, as is he was our mascot. Hense, how he got the name we named him.

*He marched to the beat of his own drum and it was hard to get pics of him* lol

Lyca (Lee-Kah)- Lyca is a ball of energy! She is the first one up in the morning and usually beats us to the cafe when we go to feed the dogs! She is small but has a big personality! she loves to give u her paws and would be a lap dog if she could.


Mama- This is another dog that we gave a name to. She (along with all the animals) was rescued when she was pregnant and had the puppies a couple of months ago. All but 3 of the puppies have found new homes. And since she is the mother of them, we called her Mama. She is very mild tempered and doesn’t bark much. She loves playing with her babies and laying in the sun lazily.


Popeye- This is the guy that walked all the way to the city (about 2 hours) and back  with Tasha and I over the weekend. He is missing an eye but that does not stop him from anything! He has such a sweet personality and rarely barks either. He waits for his food and has a lot of manners.


Buddy- Buddy is a really chill dog. He sleeps a lot of the day and is nosey when Tasha and I are doing stuff around the yard. I think he maybe a chow mix, but he thinks he is a chiauawa!


Chelsey- Chelsey is such a sweetheart. Her tail never stops wagging! She always seems to happy to see people and tried to climb into your lap. Chelsey was hit by a car a few weeks ago and is still recovering from her injuries. But it doesn’t stop her from having such a sweet personality and an even bigger heart.

The babies- The puppies do not really have names. I was not sure if they would find new homes in the time that I was here and I didn’t want to get attached. We have given them temporary names though

Fatty- is a fatty. She is the biggest puppy and eats everything. She loves being cuddled and held and stuffing her face into your armpit to sleep


Little Black Puppy- is the only black puppy. She is pretty independent and is the “I-dont-want-to-hold-your-hand-to-cross-the-street” kind of puppy.

The other two babies with Kendell

Little Puppy- Is the smallest and the only male. He would rather be around people than other dogs. He is always trying to climb up my legs when im sitting down to get into my lap and sleep in my armpit like his sister. I don’t know why the puppies like armpits so much!? He is the runt of the litter and we give him extra attention to make sure that he grows strong.

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Rules to live by

How beautiful the world and its people are, but too often we forget. We get caught up in our day to day lives and become engrossed in fear, love, money, work, that we forget about those things that are most meaningful  to us.- The Infinite Journey


I recently read the Yoga Manifesto’s “Rules to live by” and loved the idea that she started. With the new year, I knew it was time to create not only new goals for myself for the year, but new ideals and mottos that I wanted to be sure to have to remind me to live each day by. I had to sit back and really think about it. When I started writing my list, I was surprised at how hard it was for me to come up with ones that I really liked, and, more importantely, ones that I felt I would live up to.

I had Tasha send me some of her photos and I created a list of my own Rules to Live By.

This is my list, but I would love to see yours! If you would like to share, post yours below and be sure to share your list on your own blog/website/social media site. Print it out, make it your screen saver, email it to yourself…do whatever you have to do to always remember your rules to live by


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Coffee in the Park


The last few days have been amazing!! Tasha and I were able to travel though a lot of the Costa Rican country side and explore with a new friend named Annette that we met. She is a local that also travels through much of the country while spending her off time working as a gardner. What a beautiful spirit she has!

flying into CR!
Flying into CR! still blogging  lol

Friday we met her at an internet cafe in the next city over. Tasha and I took the bus there and chatted with some of the people that lived nearby. We met Annette when she came in and was surprised that we spoke english and knew some of the people that we had met! She offered to take us around the area the next day.

Costa Rican countryside      IMG_9909

Saturday she met up with us and drove us (what a relief to have met someone with a car in the middle of the Costa Rican mountains!!) to Turrialba, which is about an hour from where we are staying. The drive was amazingly beautiful!! and Turrialba has a spirit all its own. I am amazed at how friendly and helpful the locals are. My spanish is not perfect but those that I have met are very patient with me and try help me even when I know that I am not speaking correct grammar. I have definitely developed a new found respect for those in the US that do not speak English and attempt to live there perminately and get around with minimal resources.

While in Turrialba, we went to a local cafe and had coffee, empanadas (which are like meat, potato and veggie filled sandwiches) for the three of us, everything totaled about $6.00. The exchange rate is similar to the US for something and cheaper or expensive for other items. Gas is less expensive here and a ride on the bus is about $0.50. A cup of coffee (about a medium sized cup) is about a dollar and a sandwich and fries combo at a fast food restaurant is about $5.00 depending on where you are.

On our way out of Turrialba, we met a wood carver named Miguel. Coffee is a very profitable staple in Costa Rica and you can see coffee fields for days around the country. Miguel would take the roots of the coffee trees and carve figurines out of them! Check out the video we have of him carving an owl for us.

IMG_0032 IMG_0039 IMG_0095

After returning from the city, Tasha and I came back to the house, cleaned up, fed the animals and rested for a bit. Annette would be picking us up in a few short hours and taking us to a local bar to try Costa Rican cerveza. The bar was just up the road and the owner was such a sweet guy. He joked with me and Tasha about our spanish but tildes about his bar and the area. He spoke with a  lot of pride about Costa Rica and how lively the people who live here are. He recommended that when we get a chance, we go exploring and learn all we can. We spent the next couple of hours listening to music and watching others at the bar dance… watching because goodness knows I have two left feet and didn’t want to make a fool of myself! hah!


DSC09479 DSC09481 IMG_0035

The night ended with the sounds of the music still playing in my ears as we headed back to the house and my eyes struggling to stay open. It was a peaceful ending to such a beautiful day


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