Vegan Living (A first for me!)

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The first host family that we stayed with were vegans, which means that they did not consume any animal products. No meat as well as no cheese, milk or even honey. This was a new challenge for me as I am in love with cheese. However, I was challenged to learn to make what I wanted, without the animal byproducts. I looked up recipes and was able to make so many new foods.

The first one I tried to make was almond milk. The recipe is really simple and I have another post on just making almond milk.



This actually turned out amazing! It is sweet and I put a couple of drops of vanilla in it and sprinkled a little cinnamon on top and I felt like I was at Starbucks!

The second thing I tried was vegan bread. The ingredients were only flour, yeast, olive oil, and water.

This turned out even better than I imagined! I wont lie, I was expecting something awful and doughy. But they tasted just like biscuits!

Some other natural remedies I learned:

*Using salt to cleanse ‘skeeter bite wounds. Tasha was getting chewed up one day and after scratching all afternoon, I learned that salt (along with lemon, garlic or onions) rubbed on bug bites, calms the itch so that they can heal.

*A healthier and more natural way of cleaning is with the use of vinegar and the juice from lemons

*Lemons rubbed under the arms in the shower along with a little baking soda reduce underarm body oder dramatically. Thus virtually eliminating the need for deoderant.

*Parasites like fleas hate the smell and taste of garlic. For dogs that spend a lot of time outside, crush garlic and add some water and a bit of olive oil. Mix it together and you have a homemade flea repellant. The oil drowns the flea and they suffocate. (This of course works best if the dogs are outside dogs or on a farm). This reduces the burning and harmful chemicals from store bought flea killers

Does anyone else have any awesome Vegan or organic recipes/suggestions?


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Rules to live by

How beautiful the world and its people are, but too often we forget. We get caught up in our day to day lives and become engrossed in fear, love, money, work, that we forget about those things that are most meaningful  to us.- The Infinite Journey


I recently read the Yoga Manifesto’s “Rules to live by” and loved the idea that she started. With the new year, I knew it was time to create not only new goals for myself for the year, but new ideals and mottos that I wanted to be sure to have to remind me to live each day by. I had to sit back and really think about it. When I started writing my list, I was surprised at how hard it was for me to come up with ones that I really liked, and, more importantely, ones that I felt I would live up to.

I had Tasha send me some of her photos and I created a list of my own Rules to Live By.

This is my list, but I would love to see yours! If you would like to share, post yours below and be sure to share your list on your own blog/website/social media site. Print it out, make it your screen saver, email it to yourself…do whatever you have to do to always remember your rules to live by


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“The day I discovered I was allergic to tree sperm”….

… also known as pollen. The tickle inside my nose. The dryness on the inside of my throat…

This is one of my few NON favorite things.

Credit: A Sonoma Garden

However, I have a deep respect for nature and all things nature. I love being outside and even meditate in the stillness and quite after a rain storm. I have been to areas all over the country and love when the seasons change, the snow falls or when the sun is shining. I find myself enjoying the outdoors at dawn and dusk (pending the mosquitos) as well as near the water.

Being outside has actually taught me a lot about my own life and respectfully taught me multiple life lessons.

It is important to stay rooted but not always grounded

I have always had strong morals and values, even as a child. I was the one on the playground trying to break up fights between other children. I love listening to others talk about their life passions and what drives them. Family is important to me and happiness keeps me going. But I always try to be open minded and flexible. I have learned that it is not always where you stand (physically or hypothetically) that proves your point but where you go with it.

Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Always have perception of what is around you

It is easy to feel so small in such a big world. To feel as though we are one drop in a big bucket. One speck in a whole planet. It is also easy to have such an ego and demand entitlement. To feel as though we are the only creature that should be given respect. I try to remember that I am one piece of a bigger puzzle but that all pieces of the puzzle are equally important to thrive.

Be willing to coexist

In nature, creatures share space with each other. One lives off the other, all the time. Flowers rely on insects to spread their seed, animals rely on insects for food, people rely on animals for fertile land. Plants provide necessary oxygen. The rain gives us water, the sun gives us life.

Credit: Camels and Chocolate

Do not underestimate what looks cute and fluffy

Do not judge something at face value. Always be willing to learn more and understand the unknown. What looks beautiful to the touch may be deadly to the body. What looks hideous may safe a life…

Credit: Camels and Chocolate

The sound of still is not always quiet (or safe!)

There is always sound around us even when it is still. The sound of life, growing, breathing. Be still but always listen. Always know where you are, physically and within yourself.

Sometimes you just have to let go of stress

Simply stated.. sometimes you just have to let it all go..

Credit: Exit 63

Have a beautiful day 🙂