Coffee in the Park


The last few days have been amazing!! Tasha and I were able to travel though a lot of the Costa Rican country side and explore with a new friend named Annette that we met. She is a local that also travels through much of the country while spending her off time working as a gardner. What a beautiful spirit she has!

flying into CR!
Flying into CR! still blogging  lol

Friday we met her at an internet cafe in the next city over. Tasha and I took the bus there and chatted with some of the people that lived nearby. We met Annette when she came in and was surprised that we spoke english and knew some of the people that we had met! She offered to take us around the area the next day.

Costa Rican countryside      IMG_9909

Saturday she met up with us and drove us (what a relief to have met someone with a car in the middle of the Costa Rican mountains!!) to Turrialba, which is about an hour from where we are staying. The drive was amazingly beautiful!! and Turrialba has a spirit all its own. I am amazed at how friendly and helpful the locals are. My spanish is not perfect but those that I have met are very patient with me and try help me even when I know that I am not speaking correct grammar. I have definitely developed a new found respect for those in the US that do not speak English and attempt to live there perminately and get around with minimal resources.

While in Turrialba, we went to a local cafe and had coffee, empanadas (which are like meat, potato and veggie filled sandwiches) for the three of us, everything totaled about $6.00. The exchange rate is similar to the US for something and cheaper or expensive for other items. Gas is less expensive here and a ride on the bus is about $0.50. A cup of coffee (about a medium sized cup) is about a dollar and a sandwich and fries combo at a fast food restaurant is about $5.00 depending on where you are.

On our way out of Turrialba, we met a wood carver named Miguel. Coffee is a very profitable staple in Costa Rica and you can see coffee fields for days around the country. Miguel would take the roots of the coffee trees and carve figurines out of them! Check out the video we have of him carving an owl for us.

IMG_0032 IMG_0039 IMG_0095

After returning from the city, Tasha and I came back to the house, cleaned up, fed the animals and rested for a bit. Annette would be picking us up in a few short hours and taking us to a local bar to try Costa Rican cerveza. The bar was just up the road and the owner was such a sweet guy. He joked with me and Tasha about our spanish but tildes about his bar and the area. He spoke with a  lot of pride about Costa Rica and how lively the people who live here are. He recommended that when we get a chance, we go exploring and learn all we can. We spent the next couple of hours listening to music and watching others at the bar dance… watching because goodness knows I have two left feet and didn’t want to make a fool of myself! hah!


DSC09479 DSC09481 IMG_0035

The night ended with the sounds of the music still playing in my ears as we headed back to the house and my eyes struggling to stay open. It was a peaceful ending to such a beautiful day


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The Last Airbender

There are certain songs that when I listen to them, they speak to my spirit; have the effect to stop me in my tracks, slow my breathing down a bit and even bring me back to my childhood.

I didnt grown up in the suburbs but I do not pride myself on the struggles that I faced.

I took a step back from my surroundings and submerged myself into the arts.

From the time I could understand I had one love. And that was music.

My mother would drive me to and from school when I was in primary school. She always listened to Top 40s or one of those “best of the 80s, 90s and today!” stations. She would roll the window down and you could feel the beach breeze on your face and smell the salt in the air.

Even today, when I hear some of those old songs, they put chills down my spine and bring me back to those afternoon rides in my mother’s blue Dodge Dart with my hands out of the window catching the air between my fingers. Here are a few of them..

Free Fallin’– Tom Petty

Return of the Mac– Mark Morrison

Candle in the Wind– Elton John

Breakfast at Tiffany’s– Deep Blue Something

Forevery Young– Rod Stewart

Mmmmmbop– Hanson

Truly Madly Deeply– Savage Garden

Dont Speak– No Doubt

Gangster’s Paradise– Coolio

Barely Breathing– Dustin Sheik

Music is a central theme in some of my posts and I want to share some of that music with you. I would love to hear some of your music memories…