Donde es el parada de bus por Tuccurrique?

The question of the day! The other day Tasha and I walked into the closest town, Tuccurique to use the internet at the internet cafe. The walk was probably only about 5 miles but it was all uphill and downhill and then uphill again. One of the dogs (Popeye) followed us the entire way. He was such a trooper!

He only has one eye, and is pretty ratted up looking, but he kept pushing with us. A couple of times, Tasha and I wanted to give upend just pass out in the middle of the road but we kept going. Popeye would bark at us and that gave us some encouragement.

DSC09665-2  DSC09668

When we got to the internet cafe, Popeye fell asleep for the couple of hours that we were there. We walked up and down the main street that the cafe is on and grabbed some snacks and refilled our water bottles. I got a cup from a restaurant and filled it with water for the dog. Then we headed back to the house.


Today, we decided to take the bus back into Turrialba, the city that Annette took us to on Saturday. The bus stop to get to Turrialba is only a few hundred feet from the corner of the street that we stay on. The bus ride was about 45 minutes and when we got to Turrialba I was surrounded by the warm emotions that this city brings. Have you ever felt that you just love being somewhere? That is what this city does to me.

DSC09477 DSC09478 DSC09479 DSC09481 DSC09496

She and I grabbed another cup of coffee and some food and explored a bit before walking back to attempt to find the bus stop (parada de bus) to get back to the house. After multiple attempts and our broken spanish, we were able to get on the correct bus back to the house.

The evening ended with spending time with one of the welcoming neighbors making empanadas at her house! And we made them from scratch!!

The day was beautiful and the people are even more beautiful. Each day we become a bit more comfortable with being in a new country and speaking the language.

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