What I never want to be remembered for


In the wake of a recent national tragedy, I want to take the time to share something.

It is not often that I speak about myself and I especially do not write my innermost thoughts for others to judge. But, now is the exception.

I want to take this time to show my true spirit, to others and even to myself. I truly and honestly believe that people are good. Good hearted, good natured, and good spirited. It breaks my soul to learn of so many lives lost with recent shootings, and I take this time to reflect on all lives lost, taken far too early. And I think about the families, and the souls that are left without their loved ones. And then I begin to get angry. And yell at the Universe, “why?!” why must we live in a world with war and tragedy. Why must we have suffering?

I recently watched something that was talking about loss and death. “Death is the beginning of our souls journey, just as life is.” Now, I dont care what your spiritual path is; who your “God” is or what you pray for. I do care that you take care of and learn to heal your soul, your spirit, when it is aching; in order to grow.

Social media and news have glorified killers and I will not do that in this post. What I will do is glorify all those who have been had their spirit released without their consent. Whether domestic or internationally, I believe we can all set aside our differences and, for only one moment, just be. Just be with our own self. Our own spirit. Our own community. Our own world.

Put aside religious beliefs, political opintions, and.. just be.

And maybe we would smile a bit more. Wake up sad less days. Come home more enegrized. By simply taking the time, to be.

Namaste to all of you. Where ever you are. Who ever you are.

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