Costa Rica 101: Meet The Nobles

Costa Rica, an area rich with beauty and abundance nestled in the middle of Central America between Panama and Nicaragua.

The country has an abundant history that draws in thousands of tourists each year. From cascading waterfalls to white sandy beaches to the mountains and rainforests that create the central spine of the country, Costa Rica offers something for everyone.

The duration of the stay, our journey will take us into the mountains of central Costa Rica, staying in Las Vueltas de Tucurrique, at Planet Costa Rica through winding roads and scenic landscape. All while searching and capturing the beauty of life and those living it.

We will be staying with a lovely family who value land and the earth as their own. Living the vegan lifestyle, we hope to gain a new perspective on life and what is all around us. For more information about the family and who they are, check out their website through the link above! I cant wait to post all kinds of photos from there!


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