Packing list (all the goodies)

So, a bunch of people have been asking what we are bringing with us on our cross world trip. For different areas we have different things, some stuff we are going to purchase as needed and other things we will have shipped at specific destinations. Overall, we are packing pretty light. I like to think we are a bit of a minimilist team πŸ™‚

I compiled a packing list.

Tools/parts: chain lube, tape (duct, gaffer, electrician), zip ties, multi tool kit (screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, allen wrench, pliers, wrench, bolts and nuts) patch kit, 2 spare tubes, Spare spokes, spare chain links, break pads,

Camping gear: tent, sleeping bag x2, sleeping pad, nylon rope, flashlight x2, water filter tablets, cooking pots, cooking stove & fuel, matches, spoon/knife/fork set, bear spray, Camping knife, heat resistant finger pot holder,

Bike gear: map, water bottle/camelback, helmet, pump, lock, back rack, panniers, seat pouch, rack back with bungee strap, bike reflecting light, compass, Handlebar bag, frame bag, garbage bags to line panniers (if they aren’t waterproof)

Bike clothes: 3 shirts (two short, 1 long), 3 shorts, gloves (waterproof),Β  rain jacket with hood, rain pants , 3 socks (1 wool), bandana, bike shoes, poncho, 1x pair arm and leg warmer,

Off bike clothes: Shower shoes/flip flops/crocs, light weight “nice” shirt/sun dress, sun glasses, 1 pair off bike shoes/hiking shoes, underwear x3, sleeping shirt, fleece pullover,

1st aid kit: emergency blanket, bug spray, sunscreen, tweezers, Benadryl, band aids, medical scissors, wet wipes, anti bacterial cream, aspirin/ibuprofen, moleskin,

Personal items: phone, iPad/laptop, camera, ATM card, pen, journal, medical info card, phone charger, camera battery charger, laptop charger, flash drive,

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, comb, soap,

Misc: spare batteries, ziplock bags, schrader adapter, spare break pads (12$) fiberfill spoke kit (10$), mosquito net, couple rubber bands

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