The day we brought Timmy back to life (have the tissues ready)

I always grew up with animals, but I am far from a farm girl. I know nothing about animals beyond a dog or a cat. However, a few months ago my mother was introduced to a woman that had a horse (His name was Skip) that she was unable to care for. My mom had been saying for years that she wanted a horse but she lived in the city and had no place for one. Recently, she moved to Tennessee and had the opportunity to get one.



Timmy, my first horse

When we met the horse he was in a terrible condition. His teeth, the few he had left, had been ground down to where he could hardly eat. It was difficult for him to chew the food that was given to him. He cant eat hay and can only sort of chew grass. He is about 30 years old, which is equivalent to about an 80 year old man. 


He was completely emaciated when we saw him. He couldnt hold his head up and his eyes remained shut. He didnt really walk, just kind of stood around. He was so skinny that the bones of his spine showed through his skin. When it got cold out, he had to wear a blanket because his body did not keep him warm enough.


Month 2


We knew we had to save him.


After arranging for transportation, we were able to get him out of the conditions that he was in and into a healthier bording pasture where he could be cared for.


The girl who runs the bording pasture took one look at him and gently told us she was unsure if he would make it through his first night. With tears in our eyes, we were so hopeful and prayed that he would make it. She explained to us that he weighed slightly over 600lbs (a horse of his size should have been around 900) and that she had never seen a horse in as badly of a shape that he was in, alive.


Grooming Month 3


Still, we hoped for the best.


After he made it through the first night, we kept faith. After his first physical exam, we learned he was full of worms, had a terrible skin condition that caused him to always be itchy, and Cushing’s Disease causing him to have to take medications for the rest of his life. Because of this disease, he grows a lot of fur and looks kind of like a wolly mammoth which makes him itch. We can shave him but must be aware of the weather so that he does not get too cold. Countless blood tests, ferrier care, dental care and hours of grooming and thousands of pounds of food later he is much healther.



It was amazing to see with some love, consistency and changing his diet, that he was able to put on weight and thrive.


We had saved him. We had given him a second chance.

We changed his name from Skip to Timmy (which cleaverly reminds me of the story of Tiny Tim). He had trust issues and wouldnt let us touch him. He definitely did not come when we called him. But month after month, we did not give up on him. He tested our patience, many many times, but we learn frome ach experience.


Month 7


We had an outpouring of support from friends and family and continue to thank those that help. Still his monthly medications and food costs are relied on through donations to keep this big boy alive. Click here if you would like to donate or send encouraging words!!



Month 10


Almost a year to the date that we got him, he has long become a member of our family


Month 10

14 thoughts on “The day we brought Timmy back to life (have the tissues ready)

  1. He looks good for an old man! Thank you for doing what you have done. I really love the month 7 picture. It’s possible to see what he was in his prime. What a beautiful boyo.

  2. It is amazing the transformation that can happen with animals, be it small or large, when kindness, patience, and love is given. We as humans could learn so much from these animals. Sadly, it is not the people who inflict such horror to these poor creatures that are learning from these stories. It is wonderful to hear, and see Timmy thriving in your care, surrounding by people who so obviously love him.

  3. This is such a beautiful story; I’m a little teary. I love animals and horses…ahhh. I was afraid at first to continue, but what a great resolution. And kudos to you for taking so many actions for his happiness and for posting.

    • Thank you so much! He has really been a blessing and such a (crotchety) joy in our lives lol. But honestly, I wouldn’t change one thing about him or the situation. He’s 30+ years old and has surpassed what almost every vet said he wouldn’t. I think he has a thing or two left to teach all of us 🙂

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