“The day I discovered I was allergic to tree sperm”….

… also known as pollen. The tickle inside my nose. The dryness on the inside of my throat…

This is one of my few NON favorite things.

Credit: A Sonoma Garden

However, I have a deep respect for nature and all things nature. I love being outside and even meditate in the stillness and quite after a rain storm. I have been to areas all over the country and love when the seasons change, the snow falls or when the sun is shining. I find myself enjoying the outdoors at dawn and dusk (pending the mosquitos) as well as near the water.

Being outside has actually taught me a lot about my own life and respectfully taught me multiple life lessons.

It is important to stay rooted but not always grounded

I have always had strong morals and values, even as a child. I was the one on the playground trying to break up fights between other children. I love listening to others talk about their life passions and what drives them. Family is important to me and happiness keeps me going. But I always try to be open minded and flexible. I have learned that it is not always where you stand (physically or hypothetically) that proves your point but where you go with it.

Credit: The Pioneer Woman

Always have perception of what is around you

It is easy to feel so small in such a big world. To feel as though we are one drop in a big bucket. One speck in a whole planet. It is also easy to have such an ego and demand entitlement. To feel as though we are the only creature that should be given respect. I try to remember that I am one piece of a bigger puzzle but that all pieces of the puzzle are equally important to thrive.

Be willing to coexist

In nature, creatures share space with each other. One lives off the other, all the time. Flowers rely on insects to spread their seed, animals rely on insects for food, people rely on animals for fertile land. Plants provide necessary oxygen. The rain gives us water, the sun gives us life.

Credit: Camels and Chocolate

Do not underestimate what looks cute and fluffy

Do not judge something at face value. Always be willing to learn more and understand the unknown. What looks beautiful to the touch may be deadly to the body. What looks hideous may safe a life…

Credit: Camels and Chocolate

The sound of still is not always quiet (or safe!)

There is always sound around us even when it is still. The sound of life, growing, breathing. Be still but always listen. Always know where you are, physically and within yourself.

Sometimes you just have to let go of stress

Simply stated.. sometimes you just have to let it all go..

Credit: Exit 63

Have a beautiful day 🙂

11 thoughts on ““The day I discovered I was allergic to tree sperm”….

  1. Crazy how our bodies can reject what is life giving. I like what you say,” I have learned that it is not always where you stand (physically or hypothetically) that proves your point but where you go with it.” Essentially, it is not what you say but who you are. We spend to much time in our culture arguing. Acts of generosity, kindness and sacrifice silence arguments. I so enjoy your posts.

    • Thank you so much! One thing that life has taught me is to stop and listen. I try to convey that in what I write, and write from the heart. I have always been told that “when I speak, others listen” and since then I try to make what I say always have meaning. Be it a smile or to provoke thought. Again, thank you for your support and your kind words. It means so much.

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