The Last Airbender

There are certain songs that when I listen to them, they speak to my spirit; have the effect to stop me in my tracks, slow my breathing down a bit and even bring me back to my childhood.

I didnt grown up in the suburbs but I do not pride myself on the struggles that I faced.

I took a step back from my surroundings and submerged myself into the arts.

From the time I could understand I had one love. And that was music.

My mother would drive me to and from school when I was in primary school. She always listened to Top 40s or one of those “best of the 80s, 90s and today!” stations. She would roll the window down and you could feel the beach breeze on your face and smell the salt in the air.

Even today, when I hear some of those old songs, they put chills down my spine and bring me back to those afternoon rides in my mother’s blue Dodge Dart with my hands out of the window catching the air between my fingers. Here are a few of them..

Free Fallin’– Tom Petty

Return of the Mac– Mark Morrison

Candle in the Wind– Elton John

Breakfast at Tiffany’s– Deep Blue Something

Forevery Young– Rod Stewart

Mmmmmbop– Hanson

Truly Madly Deeply– Savage Garden

Dont Speak– No Doubt

Gangster’s Paradise– Coolio

Barely Breathing– Dustin Sheik

Music is a central theme in some of my posts and I want to share some of that music with you. I would love to hear some of your music memories…

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