10 things I hate about summer (in no particular order)

Oh summer. Tank tops and tankinis. The mid day rain showers. The desire to drink more island cocktails inside of a coconut with those little cute umbrellas.

The Bugs

From microscopic to monstrosity. I probably shouldnt complain, I can only imagine what creatures await me in other parts of the country.

the world -_-

Ughhh, and those stupid little gnats that you walk into when they swarm together and you flail your arms franticly trying to run from them, pick them out of your sweat and not to breathe them in, all the while thinking you are going to be suffocated by them and die

Tourists who are lost Tourists who are lost while driving

The infamous out of state license plate.

The neck cranning of looking at street names.

The almost-kill-you-because-I-must-make-an-impossible-illegal-turn-RIGHT-NOW-because-I-dont-know-if-there-will-be-anther-opportunity.

All the skinny girls who look amazing in a bikini

I am not one of them. ’nuff said.

Everyone is on edge

I dont know what it is about hot weather that seems to make everyone angry. The cashiers dont want to help you out to your car with your groceries and give you the death stare while gritting their teeth asking you “doyouneedanyhelptoyourcar?” (umm was that a pocket knife you just flashed me to keep me from saying yes?!)


This one is preeeety obvious and is probably the catalyst for #7.


A big scientific definition for the stuff that makes your hair frizz.

I look like a fool drinking hot chocolate/coffee/hot tea

Because drinking from a steaming cup when it is 9,000 degrees outside isnt normal!?


Because the sun is hotter in the summer and it finds you and your pale skin when you are outside and just sits on you, making the next 2-3 days 1) painful, 2) itchy 3) peely 4) wishing you had just gone to get a spray tan

Why is everyone breaking up?

I know there is really no hope for summer love when even the celebrities are breaking up. In my opinion, it is so that one can be single when their respective beach bodied, sun tanned bombshell walks by.

Kids out from school

Dont get me wrong, I love the little ones. What I dont love is being inudated by screaming kindergardeners while browsing innocently through Target on a Tuesday afternoon.


Please get this child a toy or something.

*looks to the side*


Ay! Whats all this about?!

So, I have something to share. It isn’t often that I talk about myself, let alone open myself up to discuss some of my deepest passions and fears.

Now is one of those rare moments.

Those that know me, know my upbeat, passionate, and thought provoking personality. In school I was always “everyone’s friend”, but It took a while for me to form my own identity. To differentiate me from the vast other 7 billion-ish people in the world.

Who knows, maybe it’s the “quarter century crisis” or this is just a path I am destined to take. Whatever thereason, here goes…

I have to admit, the thought to do this trip wasn’t entirely my own, and I have many people who have inspired me to thank and contine to admire.

Like me, everyone has a story to share. Stories that too often go un heard in the hustle and bustle of every day life. But late one spring evening, my best friend and I pondered: what happens when all is quite and someone is willing to hear that story?

The seed had been planted.

She and I decided we wanted to do something but what? Then the idea came hurdling at me like a train.

We would trek across the world both on foot and on bike hearing, capturing and sharing the voices, lives and stories of those that have not been shared.

Friends and family looked at us on amazement.
Traveling across country, ok? But on a bike? Why not a car?

The answer was simple: In order to capture the truest and rawest essence of human
life- of the human soul, we wanted to be up close, in the most vulnerable and
truest form that we could, and turn that into a documentary that can be shared
for generations to come.

Feel free to like our page and subscribe to our blog for updates, route info, giveaways, video clips and more! We also have a donation link set up. We accept any gift be it

(5$ pays for PB&J for a whole week!)

kind words and prayers (dont give up you crazy shmuck!)

or the address of a relative willing to host two females for a night 🙂

I cannot do this without you.

Again, thank you all so much. Whether you know it or not, each and every
one have you has touched my spirit in a way that has molded this journey for me.
I can only wish you will continue to travel along side me during it. And my hope
for each of you is that, through my journey you are inspired to find your own.

So, If someone wanted to know your story, would you tell it?